We at KLD believe that electric drive systems should be designed in just that way—as a system.

All oneDRIVE components work together in the most efficient way possible to drive machines from electric vehicles to wind turbines to elevators, powering the next generation of electric propulsion and generation systems.

Designed for use in a variety of applications, the oneDRIVE system is a scalable, yet turnkey solution for companies in need of a complete propulsion system.
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The KLD oneDRIVE system has a virtually limitless number of possible applications. No need to design your system from the ground up – we have done it for you.
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Our services and integration support allows manufacturers to easily take advantage of KLD’s state-of-the-art electric drive system.
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Kenguru wheelchair-accessible vehicle powered by KLD’s 100% electric oneDRIVE system is in development. More information 



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KLD Energy Technologies is all about efficiency where it matters most—where the rubber meets the road. If your company needs a turnkey drive system, KLD is the place to start.