Cenntro Motors to Debut All-New KOMBI

Cenntro Motors to debut all-new KOMBI –– a lightweight electric commercial vehicle — at the Electric Drive Transportation Association Conference June 10-12 in Washington, D.C.

First commercial implementation of the newly announced oneDRIVE™ electric propulsion system developed by KLD Energy Technologies.
Cenntro KOMBIev

Cenntro Motors, a manufacturer of lightweight electric vehicles, today officially announced the arrival of its all-new zero emissions lightweight electric commercial vehicle, the Kombi, at the 2013 Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) Expo in Washington D.C. Available initially as an off-highway vehicle, the Kombi is a perfect choice for maintenance, delivery and light cargo transport. This versatile vehicle can be used in a variety of environments, including: parks, farms, resorts, campuses, industrial facilities, airports and more. Distinctive retro styling, roomy interior, spacious cargo area as well as class leading performance and energy efficiency set this vehicle apart.

Equipped with the most advanced KLD Energy Technologies oneDRIVE™ propulsion system, the Kombi consumes less energy and delivers incredible performance. Designed for use in a variety of applications, oneDRIVE™ is a scalable, yet turnkey solution for companies in need of a complete propulsion system. oneDRIVE™ was exclusively engineered with the goal of creating the most advanced electric propulsion system optimized for peak performance and overall efficiency. In addition, Cenntro Motors is proud to have the KLD designed and manufactured battery which is lightweight, has a high energy density, and has a low cost of ownership. Cenntro Motors finds it of utmost importance to have KLD’s engineering expertise and KLD’s strategic partnership with Samsung SDI, resulting in unrivaled battery safety.

The Kombi is expected to achieve US EPA highway ratings of over 250 miles per gallon which is double that of current industry leaders.
“The Kombi is expected to achieve US EPA highway ratings of over 250 miles per gallon which is double that of current industry leaders. Performance and efficiency are the goals in the Kombi design and have set completely new world standards in the compact light-weight commercial vehicle sector. Cenntro Motors strives to keep the product vision, the customer and the environment at the center of its creativity and ambitions,” said Peter Wang, Chairman of Cenntro Motors.

The ground-breaking design and expertise of Cenntro Motors, combined with the efficiency and performance of the KLD oneDRIVE system, has created a new balance of functionality, size, and safety. From the most advanced electric drivetrain to this new level of design, style, and efficiency, the Kombi is now positioned to be in the forefront of the lightweight commercial vehicle market.

About CENNTRO Motors
Cenntro Motors is a US based emerging electric vehicle manufacturer. Cenntro designs and builds lightweight electric commercial vehicles, and aims to become an industry leader in production of highly efficient electric vehicles that reach 200+ MPGe.

For more information, info@cenntroauto.com or visit www.cenntroauto.com

About KLD Energy Technologies Inc.
Austin, Texas-based KLD Energy Technologies’ mission is to develop innovative, sustainable propulsion technologies for the electric vehicle markets. The KLD propulsion and generation system is applicable in a broad range of markets, including: elevators, air conditioners, pumps, generators and other applications. Focused on the research, development and commercialization of advanced and sustainable technologies, KLD has received worldwide interest. The company recently won an Edison Award for innovation and excellence for energy sustainability in transportation.