Efficient. Simple. Remarkable.

 The KLD oneDRIVE™ propulsion and generation system is composed of integrated components that are specifically designed for each other and optimized for peak performance and efficiency. Our system efficiency will provide up to 2x more range than comparable systems. The KLD oneDRIVE eliminates the need for a transmission and is one of the most advanced and innovative systems ever conceived.

Unprecedented Efficiency

Our inventive design and innovative use of advanced materials has reduced magnetic losses throughout the motor’s operating range. Our high torque low rpm direct drive architecture eliminates driveline losses. These attributes together create the most efficient drive system in its class today.

oneDRIVE's Simplicity


At the heart of efficiency is simplicity. Unlike modern internal combustion engines with a multitude of moving parts, the KLD oneDRIVE system is elegantly simple and involves only one moving part.

Despite its simplicity, the system is designed for use in a variety of applications and is a turnkey solution for companies in need of a complete propulsion and generation system.


With Samsung as a strategic partner, oneDRIVE features one of the safest, highest performing energy storage solutions available.

Multi-point thermal monitoring and short circuit protection, low system voltage, and our ‘ASK’ power system establish our pack technology as a benchmark for safety.

Open KLD oneDRIVE System Battery

High Performance

Optimized for peak performance, oneDRIVE was specifically engineered with the goal of creating the most cost effective electric propulsion and generation system.

KLD uses thin film materials that can achieve over 1500 Hz. The increased frequency and reduced voltage allows the KLD system to adapt to all performance needs.

Upgradeable & Servicable

Using the KLD patented stator block technology, power can be upgraded incrementally by adding stator blocks to the motor. This flexibility allows manufacturers to serve different market segments and offers consumers the ability to upgrade to a more powerful system in the future.

Utilization of the same components across multiple product offerings reduces parts inventories and simplifies servicing—even in the field.


Maintenance Free & Durable

No gears, clutches, spark plugs, filters, belts, oil or tune-ups means the KLD oneDRIVE is free of any regular maintenance required by conventional drive systems.

Rugged engineering and simple intuitive design yields a system that has incredible longevity and durability. The KLD oneDRIVE is even capable of performing in extreme conditions, including heat, cold, torrential rainfall, dust and sand storms.

Unique & Patented Design

Converting an idea from pure science into a viable commercial endeavor has led to a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio and a culture of innovation driven to solve critical global issues.

A dedicated team of Ph.D.’s, engineers, and visionaries has made the KLD oneDRIVE system a commercially viable and intelligent product designed to change the way the marketplace envisions efficiency. Our cutting-edge technology demonstrates the value in creating thoughtful solutions to the world’s toughest challenges.


Cost Effective

KLD has discovered an optimal system balance that allows for the elimination of other drive system components such as the transmission and differential, which prevents excessive power loss and extra weight. Our ground-up engineering approach makes the vehicle weight and power consumption as low as possible to save on battery cost.

These adjusted metrics have made the KLD oneDRIVE system the most cost effective electric propulsion and generation system on the market today.